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 Online since 1997, DRM have over 30 years of experience in supplying Cialis (for erectile dysfunction - "ED") and other lifestyle treatments by mail-order.

Our online Registered Pharmacy only provides genuine BRANDED Cialis & other erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments. Cialis and the other medicines for male impotence are produced under stringent manufacturing and quality control standards.

DRM never supply unlicensed, generic, or counterfeit products for erectile dysfunction ("ED" or "male impotence") - to do so is illegal in the UK and potentially dangerous to your health.

To obtain Cialis & other erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments (for male impotence) simply complete the online Cialis order form and medical declaration.

Your information is 100% safe, and we NEVER share any information with other companies so your personal data is safe with us.

If our Physician approves your use of Cialis or other erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments (for male impotence), the pharmacists will have your Cialis prescription dispensed and shipped right to your door.

If you are not approved to be prescribed Cialis, there is no charge made at all.

When you place your Cialis order with DRM you can be confident that you will receive a courteous, confidential service and that your details will never be passed on to a third party.

DRM are fully registered and bonded for all main credit card transactions, and comply fully with data-protection legislation.

If you would like further information about D.R.M or have any questions about Cialis or products for erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments (for male impotence), please contact our head office.

Cialis - a new treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Cialis is a new tablet-based oral treatment for male impotency & erectile dysfunction (ED), which has just been licensed for prescription in the EU, enabling you to buy online. Like Levitra, Cialis is proving highly successful in clinical trials and is generating major interest as a real alternative to Viagra.

CIALIS was released to the UK market in early February 2003 and is now available from DRM.


Cialis has seen major interest worldwide following the results of a recent clinical study on nearly 400 men with ED.
The study was designed to evaluate the efficiency of Cialis at specific time points after dosing (24 or 36 hours).
The case studies for Cialis showed that:

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Dapoxetine hydrochloride & premature ejaculation

What is premature ejaculation ?
Premature ejaculation is the most common male sexual dysfunction, affecting as many as one-third of male population worldwide at some time in their lives.

What is Dapoxetine?
Dapoxetine is chemically similar to a family of antidepressants called SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors).

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By now everyone is aware of the tremendous difference that Viagra can make in the lives of those suffering from erectile dysfunction.

DRM were the very first online pharmacy to set up on the internet supplying viagra to those men sufferering from erectile dysfunction.

We offer customers the ability to order VIAGRA discreetly, confidentialy and conveniently from a secure and reliable source.

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PROPECIA (FINASTERIDE 1mg) is a clinically proven pill for the treatment of hair loss.
1mg taken daily has shown over 80% effectiveness in regrowing hair.

It is estimated that 95% of all hair loss amongst men is caused by Male Pattern Baldness (MPB).
MPB is caused when an enzyme known as 5-Alpha Reductase interacts with the testosterone level in the scalp to produce a new hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When certain hair follicle cells react to the presence of DHT, shrinking of the hair follicle occurs, ultimately leading to hair loss. The only effective way to stop hair loss is to block the enzyme that changes testosterone to DHT.

PROPECIA has been shown to:

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